“Ana N Jay is a local artisan jewelry making business.

These are all jewelry made in Montreal and painstakingly crafted with ecological resin and recycled pewter.

It is also the story of a friendship that has lasted for 20 years now and that continues to grow with the passion we have to create and innovate new jewelry. "




Nikaline graduated in jewelry from École Saint-Henri in 1999.

She will then become a member of the Conseil des Métiers d'Art du Québec as a professional artist.

Sybelle studied interior design, glassblowing and studied arts education for three years at Concordia University.

In 2000, the two friends got together to learn the profession of jeweler.


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In the past few years, we have each had our first children, Anabelle and Jérémy, hence the name Ana N Jay.

We wanted to launch a new project, a new challenge and the company was born.

It is a young and vibrant line, spontaneous and dynamic, just like our children and their infinite energy.


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